Elsa Yvanez


The color BLUE in ancient Egypt and Sudan

When I started researching Meroitic textiles, I was very much stricken by the omnipresence of the color blue. Beside few isolated cases of reddish-brown embroideries, much the decorative features in tapestry and embroidery showcase different shades of blue. It is particularly noteworthy when compared to the pristine whites of Pharaonic linens or to the Romans’ love for purple. Quite naturally, my curiosity turned towards the symbolic significance of blue in ancient Sudan and its possible
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Getting started as a Marie Curie postdoc – Life edition

…Or “A non-exhaustive list of needs when moving to/within Europe”. You will need: The international move kit (family in tow optional): A good knowledge of the local visa and residence procedures, All of your administrative papers (and some), A cushion of savings and/or a couple of credit cards, A translating app, A very understanding partner, A child not adverse to change, A positive mind set (stubbornness might help too), A good outdoor wardrobe for all
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