Current Research in Textile Archaeology along the Nile

Seminar at Centre for Textile Research, University of Copenhagen

Monday 21st of January 2019

Together with the Centre for Textile Research, the Textile Archaeology in Egypt and Sudan research group will organize a one-day conference focusing on current research in textile archaeology along the Nile Valley. Fourteen scholars – many of them young researchers – will share their current work on textile finds discovered in Egypt and Sudan and dated from the Prehistoric to the Medieval periods.

The morning session will present six ongoing projects, each of them highlighting the interdisciplinarity of current textile research methodologies. Through the eyes of archaeologists, curators, conservators, and weavers, old textile collections from Egypt and Sudan will be reinterpreted and re-framed in the modern historical discourse.

The afternoon session will present recent discoveries of textile fabrics and tools, as well as iconographic and textual documentation from the Nile Valley. New analyses of older finds – either scientific and/or theoretical – will also reveal new knowledge on iconic New Kingdom textiles.

See complete program here.

If you wish to follow the seminar but are unable attend in person, the presentations will be streamed online (details to follow).

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Elsa Yvanez

The author Elsa Yvanez

I am an archaeologist, researcher and post-doctoral fellow at the Centre for Textile Research, Copenhagen University.