Elsa Yvanez


Why Textiles?

By the way, why on Earth did you chose to study textile? asked my aunt and many others when I quickly present my work. Depending on who asks the question, it is generally accompanied by a perceptible touch of disbelief: “how can one spend 10 years on such a small and unimportant subject?” with an often latent “surely there are more interesting things to do in Egyptian and Sudanese archaeology!”. Yes, ancient textiles are small
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Dressed in Amun’s blue

Fourth research stay: Penn Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, Philadelphia. A leitmotiv of Meroitic textiles, the color blue is omnipresent in virtually all decor: stripes, embroideries, tapestry…etc. Sometimes, it even covers the entire expense of the fabric. Interestingly, it is very rarely associated with another color and is a constant companion to the use of cotton. So much so that it seems that Meroitic textiles are best defined by a camaïeu of white and blue
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