Elsa Yvanez


Getting started as a Marie Curie postdoc – Life edition

…Or “A non-exhaustive list of needs when moving to/within Europe”. You will need: The international move kit (family in tow optional): A good knowledge of the local visa and residence procedures, All of your administrative papers (and some), A cushion of savings and/or a couple of credit cards, A translating app, A very understanding partner, A child not adverse to change, A positive mind set (stubbornness might help too), A good outdoor wardrobe for all
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Modern Lens

Sudanese Clothing Through the Modern Lens

Wearing clothes answers social imperatives, many more than bodily needs in fact. As humans, we of course need to protect our bodies from the environment and from view, but how we do it is what socially matters. This is why clothing is an ever-present subject in the political debate of every country, and why this apparently simple need sustains one of the biggest economic market worldwide. The way we present ourselves to others conveys our
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